Monday, June 30, 2008

Lydia was over here for the night on Sat. so we decided to go to the lake. However, she forgot to bring the memory card for her camera so she wanted to use mine! :D She REALLY liked it...jk not really, she commented on how bad it was.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Here are a few pics that we had from a storm a week and a half ago... Manistee got 10 inches of ran in a day.
The tops are gone from this pine tree as you can see

The previous 3 pictures are of the same tree. In the pic directly above you can see the tip of the roof of the house that it fell on!
Mary Beth was with me when we went through town to see the damage...the streets were/are (they haven't gotten them cleaned up yet) lined with tree branches.

This is directly across the street from our house.

Sorry it's been awhile since I posted... I'll try to do better. :)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Trip to PA....

Our trip to PA for the family reunion on my families side went well...even though we blew the engine in our car 3 hrs into the trip! :( Our pastor and his family were about 2 hrs behind us (headed to Ohio) so they graciously picked us up and took us to a motel. Since the next day was Memorial Day the mechanic couldn't look at it. (it had just overheated so we thought that it was something that would be simple to fix) On Tuesday the mechanic called and said that the timing chain had slipped so we could either have the whole engine rebuilt or get a new one :-/. Sunday Pastor had preached on being joyful no matter what happened. So, I guess the Lord was testing us to see how we would respond! Anyway, Dad and Mom left on Tuesday for PA instead of Wed. so they picked us up and we went with them. My cousin, Susanna, graciously offered us the use of her car so that we could still go see Molly (my sister-in-law). On the way back we rented a car transport and my families good old van pulled our car to my Dad's. Hopefully it will be fixed on Thursday. :D

At the park near Molly and Jeremy's

Mother and son

Derek...isn't he cute?

Uncle and Nephew

Guess Who?

Still a kid at heart! :D (I think he was a little big for it!)

Family Reunion

Colby and Jo arm wrestling....

Colby and Caleb, look at their knuckles!

Colby won though Caleb was sore 'cause this was the day of his accident and his elbow was skinned up terribly... So, if he was up to par he might have won...

On the way home. Everyone looks so excited!

Someone is trying to hide from the camera.... :D